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Avalans Strengthens your ability to develop projects, lead clusters and innovation environments regionally, nationally and internationally.

About Avalans

Avalans is an innovation and development company whose main activities are to contribute to processes and projects that have the potential to create change towards sustainable development and to ensure that new products and services, innovations come into use.

Certified Consultant

Avalans consultant is a certified ESCA examiner for bronze silver and gold.

Partnerships & Clusters Model

Avalans collaborates with other national and European consultants in networks that have extensive experience in development projects and business models. We work with the European Model for Cluster Development and Analysis, ESCA/ ECEI and now within EUCLES (European Clusters Labelling Excellence Structure). The European Cluster Model is a tool we use for business development to help achieve common goals. strengthen strategies and implementation.

  • Collaboration with different constellations, from local to international level, to achieve sustainable communities and innovation environments.
Innovation Environments, Clusters & Networks
  • Innovation management, capacity development, networking within clusters and innovation environments.
  • Benchmarking and Certification (ESCA - ECEI) Bronze - Gold Label
  • Building Nordic and international links
Reference project
  • Support for smart specialisation pilot 2018 and 2021 run by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. Here we supported cluster leaders to increase their capacity and lead clusters into professional organisations that can contribute to the regions' execution of their respective smart specialisation initiatives.
  • Around 40 gold, silver and bronze certifications according to the ESCA model in Sweden and Norway during 2018 - 2022.
Main Cooperation Partners

In Sweden:

1. Äppelbo Management AB 55 65 21- 1157, 

2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Consulting in Lomma AB, IEC AB (org nr 559069-7636)

In Norway:

1. innovation performance.  

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